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COLUMN: I have a rare disease. Here’s what you should know about it

By Mike Hazlip— I was diagnosed with Coats’ Disease at the age of two. I don’t remember much from those early years, but my father said he noticed I would cover my left eye in bright light. After…

EDITORIAL: Local news is one of those struggling local businesses

The past year of 2020 came with plenty of unexpected news. For the news industry in general, it meant a significant drop in advertising revenue and layoffs and pay cuts for reporters.

Citrus Heights Water District

EDITORIAL: Why no one listens to outrage at repeated water rate hikes

Every year that the Citrus Heights Water District proposes rate increases, you can count on a clamor of loud voices on social media criticizing the increase, along with several dozen protest letters sent to the district, followed finally…

Construction, housing, home, Citrus Heights

GUEST OPINION: Rent control won’t solve housing crisis, but more construction will

California voters went to the polls last November and voted overwhelmingly to reject the Local Rent Control Initiative (Prop 10). I was one of the only local elected officials in our region who was publicly outspoken in my…

Sunrise Mall

My Turn: Celebrating the history of Sunrise Mall

I recently wrote an article for The Sentinel concerning the future of Sunrise Mall and asked the property administrator for the mall what older photos and news clippings might still be in their archives…

Stones Gambling Hall, casino

Guest Opinion: Cardrooms have a positive effect in Citrus Heights, across California

For decades, cardrooms have been making multi-million-dollar investments in our communities through tax revenues, local jobs and capital improvements…

Sunrise Mall, theater

Column: Theater at Sunrise Mall still a great option to beat the heat this summer

$3.99 movie tickets all day, every day. For a young family, you just can’t beat the price. Especially since school is out for the summer, and recent temperatures have broken the 100-degree mark…

homeless man

Guest Column: Getting local homeless into jobs? It’s about to happen here.

Guest opinion column by County Supervisor Sue Frost– Exactly a year ago, I wrote an article in the Citrus Heights Sentinel outlining why I thought Sacramento County was in need of a work program for people who are…

City Hall ribbon cutting, Citrus Heights

EDITORIAL: Council should re-watch tribute to ‘Tightwad Tingle’ before $12M vote

When former Citrus Heights City Manager Henry Tingle retired two years ago, incoming City Manager Christopher Boyd assured him of one thing: “We’ll never go into debt.” That quote and many others were included in an 18-minute video…

Home sale Citrus Heights

Realtor’s Corner: Is the sun setting on sub-$250k homes in Citrus Heights?

Guest column by Klint Sheridan– Rising real estate prices are a common sight throughout the Greater Sacramento Area, but Citrus Heights has generally been seen as an area where good homes can be found at relatively modest prices.…