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LETTERS: Homeless, farms, Stones Casino, water park?

Latest letters from Citrus Heights Sentinel readers include an idea for a self-sustainable farm for the homeless, praise for Stones Casino, suggestions for a water park and entertainment at Sunrise Mall, and more.

Homeless problem on Auburn Blvd needs action plan
[RE: Citrus Heights moving forward with $22M plan to revitalize Auburn Blvd; Aug. 4th] Get rid of the homeless on Auburn Boulevard. From the intersection of Greenback Lane all the way to Rush Park it is shopping carts and homeless. I have live in Citrus Heights for over 40 years and this town has gone down hill.

Also, how about cleaning up the homeless druggie camp behind Costco and Walmart. Someone put up a very fitting sign on the big oak tree stump that is very true.
-Henry E. Page, Citrus Heights

Local farm for homeless?
[RE: Here’s what Citrus Heights police said about homelessness in their live Q&A; July 25th] I think involvement from the City Hall members to set up a homeless self-sustainable farm that is maintained by the homeless community itself and overseen by Citrus Heights City Council members is worth looking into as an alternative solution. This reduces the financial effects that the city and businesses are potentially confronted with.
-Kimberley Carrion, Citrus Heights

Stones Casino doing great work
[RE: Stones Gambling Hall celebrating 5 years in Citrus Heights; July 18th] Besides the card room of Stones, there is an incredible restaurant — Sammy’s. It is one of the best in the area. If you want more than burgers and pizza, try Sammy’s.

And to all the veterans in our area — Stones donates food and water to support our Veterans Appreciation Picnic each year. Now that there is an established date to remember all the Vietnam Vets (March 29), Stones has a Veterans ‘Free’ Breakfast every year. When you drive up to the front of Stones you will notice that there is an American flag, California flag and a MIA/POW flag flying. Stones is truly community friendly and supportive of all the military, military veterans, police and fire officers.
-Jim Monteton, Citrus Heights

These streets need repaving first
[RE: City plans comprehensive survey of Citrus Heights road conditions; July 25th] June My list of streets for priority repaving are: Dewey Drive from Greenback to Madison, Greenback Lane, Madison Avenue, and Auburn Boulevard from Greenback to Sunrise. These are just a few.
-Dennis Clark, Citrus Heights

What Sunrise Mall needs
[RE: City says Sunrise Mall will be transformed into ‘flourishing center of community life’; July 14th] I think we need to make the mall an outdoor shopping center with the Sears/Macy Plaza road becoming a water park or entertainment center. Then, add some more stores with high quality items like a True Religion, Nike Store, Forever 21, Guess, Disney Store, Gap, H&M, American Eagle, an independent Pink Store, Tommy Store, etc. Add some trendy restaurants like Pluto’s, a sushi restaurant, coffee bar (like Pause Coffee), and a burger place — a cheap one like McDonald’s and another that is more upscaled.

About the water park, it needs to be better than Sunsplash or just as good, but it needs to be an affordable price to get in, because price and which one is better can make or break someones choice on where they are going to go. Or, you could go with an entertainment center upscale movie theater. A stage where live music is played every two weeks and a nice piece of art for people to take pictures to remember. The name will be Sunrise Premium Outlets at Citrus Heights. I think all of that will be way more than Sunrise Mall needs and will make the community live, have fun and play just like the mall used to be, but better.
Andy Garcia, Citrus Heights

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