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LETTERS: Some ideas for helping solve homelessness in Citrus Heights

File photo, a notice posted by Citrus Heights police near the site of a homeless camp on Mariposa Avenue gives 72 hour notice for property to be removed before being confiscated. // CH Sentinel

Latest letters from Citrus Heights Sentinel readers include varying perspectives on homelessness and how to work towards a solution.

Here’s some ideas to help those without homes
[RE: Here’s what Citrus Heights police said about homelessness in their live Q&A; July 25th] Sitting back complaining and expecting these people to hopefully get on track isn’t going to happen by nagging or judging. Nor by calling cops to tell them not to recycle our recycle bins or letting them sleep along the side of a creek. 

These types of fixes result in multiple encounters, causing law enforcement to put them in jail — a place that is already too full. And this is just a silly reason for our taxes to fund their in-custody expenses, as odds are they will be in same situation upon release. 

There has to be away for Citrus Heights residents to all contribute to getting the homeless that break to get out of this survival-mode lifestyle. Whether it be saying “hi,” or taking one you see all the time out to eat when you see them in front of McDonald’s.

Maybe bag up your household recyclables and pick one of them to give it to, or form a relationship enough to say “hi” when you see them, or maybe even ask them how they’ve been or that you ain’t seen them for awhile. 

Charity starts at home, so if you live in Citrus Heights, then Citrus Heights is your home as well as everyone else that resides there. Everything else that has been tried just don’t seem to be enough, so what the heck, give them your recyclables. Fight for them, not against them! One’s life can change as long as they are alive to make those changes! Build support one safe step at a time
-Jennifer Garcia, Sacramento

No magic answer for homelessness
[RE: Here’s what Citrus Heights police said about homelessness in their live Q&A; July 25th] I don’t think there will be a magical answer to solving the homeless problems and I really am disappointed in our homeless population, with their open drug and alcohol use and paraphernalia that they leave behind.

However, I know that there won’t be a solution without asking and inviting us to your meetings. You might be surprised if you did. Most of us are not criminals. I understand people don’t want to know or be seen with homeless people because of their jobs and neighbors won’t like it. But if you are serious, try getting the word out and start inviting us to your meetings. Otherwise, I know you’re never going to find a real solution.
-Craig Douglas Hoppe, homeless in Citrus Heights

It’s hard to get off the streets
[RE: Here’s what Citrus Heights police said about homelessness in their live Q&A; July 25th] I’ve worked with the Homeless Navigator in Citrus Heights and the resource she gave me was the same thing you can do yourself. I think a lot of the problem is due to the fact that to rent a place here they want you to have perfect credit, perfect rental history, perfect everything. They also want an ungodly amount of money as a deposit to move in, and that’s having perfect everything! If you have a bad blemish on your credit report or an illegal eviction, they won’t give you the time of day and every time it’s another fee to apply.

Why not make it so people can actually afford to move into decent place? Living on the street is hard, expensive, and at times dangerous. You have to be worried about being rolled up on, and where to find water and bathrooms that are open, where to shower, everything. It drains you both physically and mentally.
-Tracy Cruz, Citrus Heights

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