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Citrus Heights Police Logs: burglary, arrests, dine-and-dash

Latest police logs include reports of a homeless man at Rusch Park claiming to be a police officer, trouble at a hoarder house, and a dine-and-dash incident at Coco’s restaurant.

The following is a summary of select incidents listed in the Citrus Heights Police Department’s daily incident bulletin for March 29-31, 2018.

Saturday, March 31, 2018: Total of 75 incidents listed.
Incident report categories of note: 16 disturbance-related, 6 homeless-related, 20 suspicious activity calls, no burglaries, 8 petty thefts, no grand thefts, 6 assault reports, and 7 collisions.

1:47 a.m., Hit and Run Non-Injury, Auburn/Sycamore. A vehicle reportedly hit a fire hydrant near the intersection of Antelope Road and Auburn Boulevard. Police were advised that the hydrant was resting about 10 feet from where it should be, and there were tire marks on the ground near the hydrant. Water had been shut off at the location by the time police were contacted. Disposition listed: checks ok.

7:49 a.m., Assault, Old Auburn/Glen Echo. An arrest was made after a man was reportedly observed with his hands around a woman’s neck during an argument. Disposition listed: arrest.

8:54 a.m., Suspicious Circumstances, Old Auburn Rd. A neighbor reported that a boarded-up home on Old Auburn Road, described as “the hoarder house,” had an ongoing problem with a former tenant loitering on the property. The neighbor said gas cans were left behind on the property, which were of concern due to a portion of the house being allegedly burned by the tenant before it was boarded up. Disposition listed: checks ok.

10:30 a.m., Suspicious Circumstances, Imperial Manor Mobile Home Park on Auburn Blvd. A disoriented man who was described as “foaming at the mouth” was reportedly trying to open doors of cars in the parking lot. Disposition listed: assisted.

4:03 p.m., Disturbance Verbal, Raleys on Lichen Dr. Police were notified of ongoing problems with a group of a half-dozen transients who reportedly live on the side of the Raley’s building on Lichen Drive. One of the men was allegedly yelling at customers and another had been stealing produce from the store. Disposition listed: advised.

4:30 p.m., Petty Theft, Cocos Restaurant on Madison Ave. A dine-and-dash incident was reported at Coco’s, involving a loss of about $100. Disposition listed: report taken.

Friday, March 30, 2018: Total of 80 incidents listed.
Incident report categories of note: 13 disturbance-related, 5 homeless-related, 28 suspicious activity calls, 6 burglaries, 3 petty thefts, no grand thefts, 6 assault reports, and 3 collisions.

9:23 a.m., Petty Theft, Woodglen Apartments on Mariposa Ave. A woman notified police that her gas had been siphoned by a suspect(s) who had left behind beer cans. The woman was asked to file an online report.

9:36 a.m., Burglary Vehicle, Camden Circle. A car was reportedly broken into overnight on a small street off of Auburn Boulevard in the southern outskirts of the city. The front windshield was smashed and unknown suspects made off with a briefcase that contained a laptop and wallet. The caller was asked to file an online report.

10:55 a.m., Brandishing Weapon, 7-Eleven at Sperry/San Juan. A woman told police that a man standing next to the convenience store had threatened to stab her with a knife if she didn’t give him money. Disposition listed: arrest.

1:27 p.m., Robbery, Sunrise Vista/Sunrise East. A group of teenagers allegedly demanded money and a phone from a man near Sunrise Vista Drive and Sunrise East Way, sometime between 9:30-11 a.m.. The caller contacted police several hours after incident occurred and said the suspects were unknown to him and did not have any weapons visible. Disposition listed: advised.

6:33 p.m., Disturbance Verbal, Fireside Lanes on Auburn Blvd. A woman reportedly “threw soda water” on an employee at the bowling alley after becoming agitated with a bartender. She then refused to leave the parking lot area. Disposition listed: unable to locate.

10:29 p.m., Disturbance Loitering, Rusch Park. Police were notified that a transient man near the baseball fields was refusing to leave and reportedly “claiming he is an officer.” Disposition listed: advised.

10:54 p.m., Collision Unknown Injury, Celine Dr. A caller on a sidestreet off Kingswood Drive reported that their neighbor “ran straight into their garage.” Disposition listed: assisted.

11:30 p.m., Assault, San Juan High School. Two men were reportedly seen fighting in the roadway on Greenback Lane, near San Juan High School and 7-Eleven. Disposition listed: assisted.

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Note: The Sentinel compiles summaries of select local police incident bulletins each week as a service to the public, based on data available from CHPD. Police advise that the information included in daily bulletins are summaries of calls for service for each day, with information “deemed confidential” not included in the record. CHPD states that the information noted on its daily bulletins is what was reported to police by callers, or in person, and therefore “may or may not actually reflect the true content of an incident.”

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