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Letters: ARCO protests, future of Sylvan Corners, Movie Grill?

ARCO, Barghausen Consulting
A rendering of the proposed new ARCO in Citrus Heights, as seen from Sunrise Boulevard. // Image courtesy, Barghausen Consulting

Updated March 18, 1:20 a.m.–
Latest letters from the community discuss the controversial proposal to build an ARCO gas station and car wash on Sunrise Boulevard, as well as offer more ideas for the now-demolished middle school property at Sylvan Corners.

Sylvan Corners needs a market that residents can walk to
[RE: More Letters: residents continue discussion about future use of old Sylvan] I have been in Citrus Heights since the late 1970’s and the one thing I miss most is having a market I can walk to for groceries. The last market to leave was Tom Thumb Market at Antelope and Sunrise. I believe Sylvan Corners would be an ideal spot for many to shop. Yes, there is Walmart down the street from there, but the parking lot alone makes it difficult to walk. Maybe a Trader Joe’s or Sprouts Market, something with fresh foods.

I live between Mariposa Avenue, Sunrise Boulevard, and Antelope Road — a grocery store wasteland for walking. Considering a market would help bring more shoppers to a rising area of shops already at the corner.
Laura Alvarez, Citrus Heights

Sylvan Corners would be better for dining, retail
[RE: More Letters: residents continue discussion about future use of old Sylvan] I have read many comments about turning this area into a sports complex. Why not turn Rusch Park and or C-bar-C into a sporting complex and use Sylvan as a retail area. A WinCo store and In-N-Out Burger, maybe some other dining restaurants and even a movie theater? Movie Grill?

Regarding the ARCO gas station proposal, considering there is a Costco and Sam’s Club close by whose gas is always cheaper, I see no need for this station. There was an ARCO on Auburn Boulevard at Cook Avenue. Why not update it and add a car wash if that is what they think will draw in the clientele? How about a daycare or Trader Joe’s instead?
-Kay Davis, Citrus Heights

New ARCO proposal symptomatic of negligent city planning
[RE: Images of proposed Citrus Heights ARCO released; opposition continues] I fully echo the citizens protesting this (for profit) project. Our city council and planning department appear to only support high tax revenue plans, without taking an interest in the well-being and sanctity of our longstanding neighborhoods. The crime rate in that area is concerning without adding a strong magnet for an influx of customers for gas and booze late into the night.

Having read all of the article in Sunday’s Bee regarding our police department, the low income of tax collection and monetary problems, it only brings to mind frivolous and negligent city planning. A 25-year deal with the county for no real-estate tax revenue, 22 million dollars spent on an unneeded city hall — while our roads and schools are in dangerous conditions? The city council and our “musical chairs” mayors must start listening to the citizens of Citrus Heights and not pander to the lure of inappropriate tax revenue. Aren’t we supposed to be a “City” (and all that implies) and not just fractured, clustered groups?
-Lynn Avery, Citrus Heights

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