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More letters: autism center, ARCO opposition, new WinCo at old Sylvan?

Latest letters-to-the-editor include more comments from readers about potential new uses for the old Sylvan Middle School property and opposition to the proposed new ARCO gas station on Sunrise Boulevard. Submit your own letter to the editor about a current local issue by clicking here.

Old Sylvan would be good spot for new WinCo Foods
(RE: Demolition of old Sylvan Middle School underway; what’s next?) I think they should build a Winco Foods at the old Sylvan Middle School site. There’s a small WinCo in Orangevale and there’s one in Roseville and there’s one in Antelope, but we don’t have one in Citrus Heights.
-Annette Asplund, Citrus Heights

New autism center should be built in place of old Sylvan School
(RE: Demolition of old Sylvan Middle School underway; what’s next?)  San Juan unified has a few programs in different schools, but the programs are simply not complete add they seem to have been slapped together in order for every school to receive finding while the programs are inconsistent and of children bounce around from school to school looking for adequate placement. An autism school that caters to all children in the spectrum with all services provided on campus: speech, occupational therapy, behavior, integrated listening systems, etc.
-Beverly Spencer, Citrus Heights

Build a sports complex or football stadium for Mesa Verde
(RE: Demolition of old Sylvan Middle School underway; what’s next?) I would love the old sylvan campus to become a multi-use youth sports complex. Maybe even the new home for the Mesa Verde football stadium.
-Micki Lorentty, Citrus Heights

Please, no more retail at old Sylvan school
(RE: Demolition of old Sylvan Middle School underway; what’s next?) I have lived here for 41 years and in my opinion this is one of the less high-traffic areas in Citrus Heights. For work, I travel through town and it can take as long as 40 to 50 minutes in the morning. Citrus Heights is known for the country feel it was years ago. Change is good. But please, my home town, don’t take that part away from our city. Add an outside theater for music or make this a place of sports activities for adults and kids, especially with it being near a school. I have such great memories here and our children need to as well.

Outside sports would be a great way to give back to our great community and let kids feel what it was like for us as we played at Rusch Park. Outside sports is what our kids need — not more retail! Restore the old mall down the street for retail instead; that’s an eyesore and brings in bad traffic. Please take this into consideration. This is where we live.
-Nicole Blevins, Citrus Heights

Proposed ARCO doesn’t belong in middle of neighborhood
(Re: Michael Sugden’s letter to the editor published Feb. 11, 2017) I am one of the “protesters” that Mr. Sugden refers to in his letter. While the “area” he references is designated as commercial, a 24-hour gas station with 16 pumps, a car wash and alcohol sales, is not just any commercial operation. A special use permit is required due to the many factors this type of operation encompasses.

We are not trying to “control” the use of private property. We are opposing the approval of a special use permit for this type of business in the middle of our neighborhood. I wonder if Mr. Sugden would be so critical of our citizens’ efforts if this station were proposed directly across the street or behind his home? However, if he is willing to donate to the fund to “buy the property and turn it into something else,” I am willing to start the collection.
-Sharon Puricelli, Citrus Heights

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