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Meet Rick Doyle, candidate for Citrus Heights city council

Rick Doyle, Citrus Heights city council
Rick Doyle, retired insurance broker and current candidate for Citrus Heights city council. // CH Sentinel

Note: As part of The Sentinel’s 2016 coverage of local elections, we have asked a series of seven identical questions to each of the candidates running for a seat on the Citrus Heights city council. The questions are designed to give each of the eight candidates an opportunity to introduce themselves to the community and give voters an opportunity to learn more about each candidate’s life and background. More specific policy questions will be addressed in future articles. Candidates who responded to each question in less than 100 words have their answers published word-for-word. 

Rick Doyle, retired insurance broker | Age: 72

Basic bio: “39-year resident of Citrus Heights. Grew up in Denver, Colorado and my job moved me to California in early 1970. Moved from Bay Area to Sacramento in September of 1970 and bought my home in Citrus Heights in 1977. Retired Farmers Insurance Agency/Owner after 22 years. Father of 2 and grandfather of 5. High School graduate plus several college courses required for California Insurance Licensing including credentialing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Graduate of Citrus Height Chamber’s 2009/2010 Leadership Academy. Currently serving on the Citrus Heights Planning Commission.”

Why are you running for city council?

1) I love what this city has accomplished since Cityhood and want to see that it continues. If elected, I will see that we remain focused to remaining debt free and maintain a healthy reserve fund to keep taxes low.
2) We inherited a bad image from the County, but we are overcoming that image. If elected, I would increase our focus on our Code Enforcement Team to help us clean up the blighted areas of our city and return the “pride of ownership” factor to our neighborhoods.
3) More focus on bringing good paying professional jobs to our city.

What are three things you like most about living in Citrus Heights?

1) Neighborhood Associations: They give the citizens an opportunity to have some ‘skin in the game’ by working together to bring improvements to their own neighborhoods. When they meet they get to know who their police officers are and for the Police officers get to know them. It’s a great communication tool for all involved.
2) Proximity to everything from Tahoe to the ocean.
3) Safety. An award winning Police Force that keeps our city ahead of the curve when dangerous criminals are being released from state prisons.

What are two books that have had the most influence on your life, and why/how?

1) The Greatest Salesman by Og Mandino – It teaches us all that as we all have fingerprints that are different from anyone else’s, we too are different than anyone else that has ever existed. Therefore we are all unique, and have the ability to control how we live our lives.
2) How to Win Friends and Influence People – By Dale Carnegie – It teaches us that small changes in our own performance can make big differences in our results.

What are three key principles that would guide your votes on the council, if elected?

1) Is it good for the citizens? 2) Is it good for the City? 3) Is it fair to all concerned?

What are the top three things you’d like to change in Citrus Heights, if any?

1) Code Enforcement: Although they do a terrific job now as a “complaint” driven department, I’d really like to see more funds directed their way in increase the number of officers involved. It’s not a major crime, and need not be treated as such, but it is a “cancer” that has grown in our city and needs to have more attention placed on it.
2) More new homes to restore a better balance of Homeowners to Renters. I’d like to see it closer to a 60/40 split with Homeowners being the higher percentage.
3) Higher paying jobs. Seek out more professional business enterprises.

What kind of volunteer work have you done for charities, churches or service organizations in the community?

1) Served as President of my Rotary Club in 1991/1992. 2) Volunteer at CHPD 2008 to present. 3) Served as President of PONA Neighborhood Association 2010. 4) Serve as Director of PONA 2010 to present. 5) Serve as an appointed Planning Commissioner to the City of Citrus Heights 2010 to present. 6) Serve as President of my Neighborhood Watch 2013 to present.

City council members are paid a small monthly stipend of $600 for their service. If elected, how do you plan to balance work life elsewhere with council responsibilities?

“Easy Answer: I’m retired and can give my full focus on the Council responsibilities. I am looking forward to it.”

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