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Police: armed man shot by officers in Citrus Heights park

Updated Jan. 24, 8:57 a.m.–
Citrus Heights police said officers shot a 52-year-old man in C-Bar-C Park Thursday night, after responding to a call from a relative who said the man had overdosed on prescription medication, had a handgun and was possibly suicidal.

Police "Do not cross" tape closed off C-Bar-C Park in Citrus Heights, Thursday night.
Police “Do not cross” tape closed off C-Bar-C Park in Citrus Heights, Thursday night.

Officer Anthony Boehle said in a press release that officers responded to the 8200 block of Oak Avenue just after 7 p.m. Thursday, attempting to speak with the man after finding him in the park. Police dispatch also notified officers that a park maintenance worker had reported the man brandishing a firearm.

According to the release, “Officers, in fear for their safety, were forced to fire multiple rounds” at the man, after he “would not comply with any requests officers made,” and had pulled out a handgun — later determined to be a replica of a semi-automatic pistol.

The man was struck by one or more bullets in the lower torso and was transported to a local hospital after first aid was “immediately rendered” by officers on scene, according to the release. He was released “a short time later,” and then booked in the Sacramento County Jail on charges of obstructing an officer, resisting arrest and brandishing an imitation firearm.

Police said an investigation is still ongoing, involving Citrus Heights Police Department Investigations Services Division along with the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office Crime Lab and investigators.
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