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Meet your new mayor: Q&A with Sue Frost

A new year in Citrus Heights brings with it a new mayor for the city. In this exclusive Sentinel email interview with newly appointed Mayor Sue Frost, we cover everything from what her cat’s name is to what leaders she most admires.

Citrus Heights mayor sue frost, mel turner
Sue Frost shares an exchange with outgoing mayor Mel Turner, after being selected as the new mayor during a December council meeting.

What’s your history in Citrus Heights?
“I moved to Citrus Heights with my family when I was 8 or 9 years old. Prior to that I lived in Orangevale, Ca. I went to Skycrest, Kingswood School and San Juan High School. I graduated my junior year in high school at the age of 17 and went straight on to college. I lived in southern California briefly and later moved around to Riverside, Morro Bay, Monterey, Folsom — even Roseville, Carmichael and other areas.”

“I was married in 1984. While I lived in Folsom for over 20 years, my husband and I owned real estate and a business in Citrus Heights. I’ve always been connected here and I have lived ‘or’ worked in Citrus Heights for more years than not. Many of my current neighbors were here during my young years when their children and all of us would play kick the can in the neighborhood court, Marco Polo in the swimming pool, and go to school together.”

What college did you attend?
“I attended Pacific Union College in Napa, majoring in nursing and physical education. I graduated with an Associate of Science in nursing as an RN and later specialized as a California Certified Emergency Nurse. During my high school and college years I worked at a summer camp in northern California where I did everything from garbage detail to canoe instructor, camp counselor, lifeguard, girls director and camp nurse.”

What are you passionate about?
“I enjoy reading, writing, cooking, gardening, family and friends. I am passionate about justice and liberty.” Frost also said she has a passion for sustainability, emphasizing it “can apply to all areas of our lives: our personal or business budget, the land, our world.”

What kind of volunteer work have you been involved with?
“Some recent volunteer affiliations have included: Citrus Heights Green Team, Birdcage Heights Neighborhood Association, Rotary, Sacramento Association of Realtors, Placer Sustain. My volunteer activities declined during my first couple years as an elected official.”

How long you’ve been married?
“30 years to Jack Frost. We have been through much, and he is my dearest friend.”

Do you have any children?
“Yes. I was blessed with a second family home. I am a step-mother to Tracy Frost and Ben Frost. We had many wonderful years filled with joy and challenge. I have learned so much from both of them. Ben is married to Cathy Frost and lives in New Hampshire. Tracy lives in Honolulu.”

Any siblings?
“I have an older sister and brother who live in the Sacramento region.”

Do you have some pets?
“I have a cat named George. He was my mom’s cat, and when she passed away I promised her I would care for him. He’s wild and hard to get close to, but he is a sweet cat and good mouser.”

What type of music do you like?
“Soft rock, rock ‘n roll, classical, jazz, orchestra, alternative, some country… I have broad taste in music, but soft rock and alternative are probably my favorites.”

Where’s the furthest you’ve traveled from Citrus Heights?
“Southern Spain, Canary Islands… Wonderful month away to Europe’s ‘Hawaii.’ Met many locals, played golf and ate so much good food!”

Which leader(s) in the last 100 years do you look up to most, and why?
“Ronald Reagan – He told the truth about what government’s purpose should be. He advanced policies that supported small businesses and promoted economic development. He understood the need for America to strengthen our defense.”
“Martin Luther King – In the face of injustice, he courageously led his people to fight with non-violent civil disobedience. A movement that began to correct an injustice and changed our world for the better.”

Which book has had the most influence on your life?
“I think the Holy Bible. Although there are so many books that have expanded my understanding and influenced me.”

When did you first consider running for public office?
“In the summer of 2012 when my husband came home and stated that one of the council members in Citrus Heights had asked if his wife would consider running for office. I was then approached by some citizens who encouraged me to run. I gave it considerable thought. I met with some council members to learn more about the job. I believe I was called to run for public service.”

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Did you have any previous experience in leadership prior to running for city council?
“Most of my leadership experience is within the private business realm, and I entered into public service in 2012 for the first time. I served as senior vice president over Sales & Marketing for a national banking firm (Equipoint Financial Services). I am president of Frost Enterprises, Inc., [formerly] a full-service mortgage bank and currently a real estate and investment company. I have served on multiple boards including profit, nonprofit and property ownership association boards. I also served on the Area 11 Birdcage Heights Neighborhood Association Board and served on committees at the Sacramento Association of Realtors.”

As mayor, what do you look forward to most in 2015?
“Working with our REACH (Residents’ Empowerment Association of Citrus Heights) members to bring a Community Leadership Summit to Citrus Heights.”

Frost also said she hopes to expand relations with other regional leaders and continue former mayor Mel Turner’s efforts to develop young leaders through the “Shadow Program.”

Mayor Frost can be contacted by email at, or by calling (916) 207-7960.

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