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VOTER FORUM: City Candidates Divided on Taxes, New Hall & Prop 47

Updated audio on Oct. 29, 1:58 p.m. —
A Citrus Heights city council candidate forum was broadcast live on Metro 14 television Saturday, revealing significant differences between the five candidates on a variety of local issues, with each candidate also being asked to tell voters who their top two donors were.

The five city council candidates seated next to a League of Women Voters moderator at Saturday's forum.
The five city council candidates, seated next to a League of Women Voters moderator at Saturday’s forum.

Hosted and moderated by the Sacramento League of Women Voters, two media panelists asked a series of eight questions to the candidates, ranging from if-and-why they would support a local tax increase, to whether they support the controversial proposal to move and build a new city hall and allow a medical office building in its place.

*Editor’s note: see audio below and check back soon for our exclusive highlights on how candidates Mel Turner, Tim Schaefer, Bridget Duffy, Steve “Sparky” Miller, and Jeannie Bruins answered the media panelists’ questions listed below.

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1. Public Safety: “Two days ago, the Citrus Heights city council voted unanimously to oppose Prop 47, with our Police Chief stating that the proposition would ‘virtually assure’ the release of 10,000 inmates into local communities. What is your position on Prop 47, and what is your plan to enhance public safety in Citrus Heights?”

Candidate answers (5:01)

2. New City Hall Proposal “What is your position on the City of Citrus Heights’ proposal to relocate city hall and can you tell and explain why this is — or is not — beneficial to taxpayers?”

Candidate answers (5:27)

3. Taxes: “The local tax increase known as Measure K was shot down by Citrus Heights voters in 2012 — although it was supported by councilmembers at the time. Would you support future tax increases, and did you support Measure K? Why, or why not?”

Candidate answers (5:47)

4. Special Interests: “Each election, there’s a lot of talk about special interests controlling candidates. On October 6, you all filed a campaign disclosure form, showing who donated to you and how much. Take a minute to share with voters who your top two donors are, and how these donations would — or would not – have an influence on decisions you would make.”

Candidate answers (5:01)

5. Homelessness: “Vice Mayor Sue Frost has said she questions whether it is the proper role of government to solve the problem of homelessness – or whether most aspects of the problem are best solved by private charity. Given the complaints about homelessness in Citrus Heights, what do you believe the proper role of government is in regard to homelessness in our community?”

Candidate answers: (5:58)

6. Schools: “Although the City and San Juan Unified School Districts are two different government entities, many citrus heights residents have expressed concern about the plans for Sylvan Middle School. What role, if any, should city councilmembers have in this matter?”

Candidate answers (5:46)

7. Business: “Citrus Heights has sought to create a City that is business-friendly, with stores like Stein Mart opening earlier this month and HD Supply opening next week. What specifically would you do to keep and attract businesses in Citrus Heights?”

Candidate answers (5:50)

8. Measuring Success: “If you are elected — or re-elected — to the city council, how will you personally measure your success as a councilmember after four years?”

Candidate answers (5:44)

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